Welding Criteria for Shipping Containers

Overview The Packaging and Transportation Program generally delivers the welding course annually. Two instructors present various aspects of welding technologies and related codes, including QA flow-down to welding and related nondestructive analysis technology.
Purpose This Course provides practical guidance regarding welding and nondestructive examination applied to radioactive material transportation packages.
Audience U. S. Department of Energy and contractor personnel, Nuclear Regulatory Commission personnel, personnel in commercial enterprises involved in package design, purchase, fabrication, handling, shipping, storage, assembly, inspection, testing, operation, maintenance, repair, and modification.
Prerequisites Background in sciences and engineering.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (ASME B&PVC) is highlighted with respect to Sections II, III, V, VIII, and IX and relationship to 10 CFR 71, Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Material.

Applied presentations and demonstrations are given regarding welding and nondestructive examination technology (NDE), terms/definitions, examination of metals relative to common defects, and qualification of welding/NDE procedures, and operators. American Welding Society (AWS) structural welding codes are covered during the Course.

Duration 20 hours over two days.
Method of Instruction This is a classroom Course consisting of presentations, demonstrations, group discussions, small group exercises, and tours, where applicable.
Course Materials Students receive a copy of all Course viewgraphs. An evaluation form, group photograph, and a Certificate of Training, are distributed upon completion of the Course.