Methods for Reviewing Safety Analysis Reports for Packaging

Overview The Packaging and Transportation Group at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has taught this Course annually since 1986.
Purpose This Course is intended to develop skills in reviewing SARPs and in performing confirmatory analysis through instruction and hands-on experience.
Audience U. S. Department of Energy and contractor personnel, Nuclear Regulatory Commission personnel, personnel in commercial enterprises preparing and reviewing SARPs, and managers of SARP preparation or review programs.
Prerequisites Background in sciences and engineering.

Methods of Review

Regulations and philosophy: packaging classification and description; and review of structural evaluation (including materials and fabrication), thermal evaluation, containment evaluation, shielding evaluation, criticality evaluation, packaging operations, acceptance tests and maintenance program, and quality assurance.

    Methods of Confirmatory Analysis

    Confirmatory analysis of structural evaluation, thermal evaluation, containment, shielding evaluation, and criticality evaluation.

      Duration 80 hours over two weeks.
      Method of Instruction This is a classroom Course consisting of presentations, group discussions, and small group exercises.
      Course Materials Students receive a copy of all Course viewgraphs, the Packaging Review Guide, prepared by LLNL for EM-33, selected reference documents, DOE Orders, Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulatory Guides, NUREG/CRs, and Information Notices. An evaluation form, group photograph, and a Certificate of Training, are distributed upon completion of the Course. A mandatory test is given to evaluate the student’s grasp of the material presented in the Course.