Leakage Testing

Overview The Leakage Testing Training Course was last presented by LLNL personnel in May 2000. Containment is also addressed in the Methods for Reviewing SARPs Course.
Purpose The Leakage Testing Course addresses 10 CFR 71 and 10 CFR 72 with respect to transportation and storage of radioactive material packages, respectively, and the applicability of methods described for leak-rate testing in ANSI N14.5, Leakage Tests on Packages for Shipment.
Audience U. S. Department of Energy and contractor personnel, Nuclear Regulatory Commission personnel, personnel in commercial enterprises involved in package design, purchase, fabrication, handling, shipping, storage, assembly, inspection, testing, operation, maintenance, repair, and modification.
Prerequisites Background in sciences and engineering.

The first day covers the background for the current containment regulations, application of ANSI N14.5 to satisfying containment regulations, details of various leak-testing methods, and application of methods in ANSI N14.5 to the various leak-testing methods.

The second day includes demonstrations of the various leak-testing methods such as pressure rate of rise, rate of pressure drop, evacuated envelope with helium leak testing, etc. Calculational approaches will be visited to clarify the correct application of equations and methods from ANSI N14.5.

Duration 20 hours over two days.
Method of Instruction This is a classroom Course consisting of presentations, demonstrations, group discussions, small group exercises.
Course Materials Students receive a copy of all Course viewgraphs. An evaluation form, group photograph, and a Certificate of Training, are distributed upon completion of the Course.