Core Capabilities

The LLNL Packaging and Transportation (P&T) Program has a depth of experience and world-class expertise in supporting radioactive material packaging certification efforts, to and including:

Performing Technical Reviews of Safety Analysis Reports for Packaging

The P&T Program has extensive experience, spanning over 25-years, supporting DOE and NRC by reviewing and performing confirmatory analysis on safety basis for radioactive material transportation and storage packages, against 10 CFR 71 and 10 CFR 72, respectively.

Development of Regulatory Guidance Documents, Operational Guidance Documents, and Consensus Standards

For more than 25 years LLNL has been a leader in the development of consensus standards and DOE and NRC guidance documents related to radioactive material packaging and transportation, e.g.:
  • DOE Packaging Review Guide (UCID-21218 rev. 3)
  • NRC Standard Review Plan (NUREG-1609)
  • NRC Standard Review Plan for Spent Fuel (NUREG-1617)
  • Provided primary input for NRC Regulatory Guide 7.11 “Fracture Toughness Criteria…”
  • ANSI N14.5-1997 “Radioactive Materials – Leakage Tests on Packages for Shipment”
  • NUREG/CR-1815 “Recommendations for Protecting Against Failure by Brittle Fracture in Ferritic Steel Shipping Containers Up to Four Inches Thick”
  • NUREG/CR-3760 “A Study on Ductile and Brittle Failure Design Criteria for Ductile Cast Iron Spent-Fuel Shipping Containers”
  • NUREG/CR-4554 “SCANS (Shipping Cask ANalysis System) A Microcomputer-Based Analysis System for Shipping Cask Design Review”
  • NUREG/CR-4775 “Guide for Preparing Operating Procedures for Shipping Packages”
  • NUREG/CR-4829 “Shipping Container Response to Severe Highway and Railway Accident Conditions”
  • NUREG/CR-5502 “Engineering Drawings for 10 CFR Part 71 Package Approvals”
  • NUREG/CR-5657 “AUTOCASK – A Microcomputer Based System for Shipping Cask Design Review Analysis on the Open Computing Facility”
  • NUREG/CR-5892 “A Highway Accident Involving Unirradiated Nuclear Fuel in Springfield, Mass. On Dec. 16, 1991”
  • NUREG/CR-6007 “Stress Analysis of Closure Bolts for Shipping Casks”
  • NUREG/CR-6487 “Containment Analysis for Type B Packages Used to Transport Various Contents”
  • NUREG/CR-6491 “Recommendations for Protecting Against Failure by Brittle Fracture”
  • NUREG/CR-6673 “Hydrogen Generation in TRU Waste Transportation Packages”
  • NUREG/CR-6818 “Drop Test Results for the Combustion Engineering Model No. ABB-2901 Fuel Pellet Shipping Package”
  • UREG/CR-8354 “Fabrication Criteria for Shipping Containers”

Providing Technical Training to Applicants, Reviewers, and Regulators from Around the World

For in-depth information about our courses, visit our Training page.

Performing Packaging Quality Assurance Audits and Field Assessments

The LLNL P&T Program has the experience and expertise to lead and implement a variety of P&T-related reviews, inspections, and audits.

Audits are lead by an NQA1-Certified Lead Auditor.

Recent audits include an examination of fabricators and program QA plans.

Audits are conducted relative to the requirements in 10 CFR 71, Subpart H, and DOE Order 460.1B.

Future audits involving NNSA activities may include the requirements in DOE Order 461.


Designing and Analyzing Testing Methods and Procedures

The P&T Program includes experts in structural analysis, materials, shielding, criticality, heat transfer, containment, and quality assurance and operations, and is prepared to effectively address the gaps identified in the July 31, 2012 report entitled “Review of Used Nuclear Fuel Storage and Transportation Technical Gap Analysis,” including, but not limited to:

  • Activity transport in canister, burn-up credit, fuel modeling, moderator exclusion, thermal and stress profiles
  • Fuel behavior during transportation and/or storage
  • Cladding corrosion, crud and/or oxide spallation, helium pressurization, cladding flaw propagation, cladding oxidation
  • Corrosion, structural analysis, and weld embrittlement of assembly hardware, fuel baskets, and neutron poisons
  • Corrosion and structural behavior of transportation / storage containers